Importers List

RGX Trading

Importer List

Customer receives a list of verified importers / distributors / retailers, with the following information:

  • Company name;
  • Direct contact of the head of purchasing/imports;
  • General company email and direct email of the head of purchasing/imports;
  • Import volumes/origins/imported brands (if applicable);
  • Distribution channels;
  • Geographical coverage of the distribution;
  • Individual assessment by RGX.


The number of importers to report depends on the product and the markets that they wish to prospect. The usual average per market / country is between 12 and 15 contacts.

Upon requesting the service, the client will be asked to provide the six digits of the harmonized system along with photos or web references of the product(s) that they want to sell.

Estimated service delivery time: 15 working days.

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