We specialize in research focused on demand (importers), identifying their preferences, buying habits and products they want to import, obtaining key information for exporters to expand their sales to that destination and sector.

Our proposals, depending on the client’s needs, may contain:

A) Panels with reference importers: Through in-depth interviews with buyers from the industry under analysis, we identify relevant behaviors and preferences, including:
⦁ Country / sector brand perception.
⦁ Import experience from the country of origin.
⦁ Protocols or requirements to incorporate new ones.
⦁ International providers.
⦁ Shipping forms.
⦁ Payments and financing required.
⦁ New products that are looking to import, etc.

B) Interactive presentations so each user who consults the study can make their own information cross-references.

C) Results Presentations through webinars, executive summaries, press summaries, infographics and geolocation of importers and / or key informants interviewed.

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