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The importance of being competitive to export internationally

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Many SMEs want to grow in international markets, but they do not know the variables that indicate the competitiveness necessary to do so. Others, however, have grown on the basis of trial and error, and today they are exporting internationally. 

The question is how to expand into new markets minimizing economic risks and optimizing time? In order to help companies in this process, RGX has developed a service we call “Export Competitiveness Report”, which is based on measuring the ability of a company to export on a global scale. 

In this way, we can not only give recommendations on how to improve the export performance of a company but also prepare it, if it is not competitive enough, so that it can do so. 

The companies to whom we provide this service complete an online questionnaire (specially designed by RGX to know the company’s competitiveness) and send RGX an Export Brochure (Presentation that the company uses to generate interest among its potential international clients). 

The categories that we use to measure the competitiveness of a company are:

With this information, which does not require more than 1 hour for the company to prepare, RGX can measure the global export competitiveness of a company. 

Once RGX receives this information, it is processed by our specialists and, if the company does not have the necessary competitiveness to operate in foreign trade, it receives, from RGX, a “Competitiveness Improvement Plan” in report format so that it company can work on its deficiencies and weaknesses, and then contact us again so that RGX re-evaluates its competitiveness and continues to support its internationalization process. 

The companies, on the other hand, that have a sufficient level of competitiveness, receive a plan to improve certain aspects of their export behavior so that they can implement it, as well as the invitation to continue with the international acceleration process with the expert services of RGX (Market 

Selection, Business Agenda or list of importers, market profile, market study) that will allow them to enter a new international market without economic risks, and without wasting time. 

To the surprise of many, not all companies that are currently exporting are competitive, and if this competitiveness is not improved, they may run severe risks of losing their export business in the medium term. 

We invite and encourage all exporting companies or companies intending to export to start with this service if they intend to grow in new markets. It is not an expensive service at all, and it can save a lot of time, money and headaches.

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