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The cleaning sector is one of the areas where RGX has been seeing a sustained increase in international demand. Exercising a sector division at a global level, it is possible to fragment it into three segments, commercial cleaning, which according to Cleaning Service Reviewed occupies most of the industry with 55%, followed by industrial cleaning with 30% and residential cleaning with 15%. In terms of growth rate, in 2019, Commercial Cleaning registered the highest gains with an Annual Growth Rate of 5.13%, followed by Residential Cleaning with 4.85% and finally Industrial Cleaning with 4.17%.

Taking into account Chapter 34 of the HTC: “Soaps, organic surface agents, laundry preparations, lubricant preparations, artificial waxes, prepared waxes, cleaning products, candles and similar items …” the purchase demand is atomized, and there are more than 20 players who take about 60% of the share of world imports. However, the Top 10 of the main applicants are represented by the following countries:

 Of these destinations, the countries that most mobilized their operations, increasing their international purchases steadily in the last five years, are:

  • United States: The North American market shows signs of constant increase from 2015 to 2019, and throughout the period the increase is 3.3%. 
  • United Kingdom: It is a market that since 2016 shows its increases in global purchases, showing a year-on-year growth of approximately 1%. 
  • Canada: Since 2016 its imports have advanced slightly, but steadily, in fact, the increase in the entire period 2016-2019 is 1.3%.
  • Russia: This market, measured by its geographical extension, is not only one of the world’s main demanders, but its increase in imports is clear, it increased steadily throughout the five-year period 2016-2019 by 4.9%.

Avoiding those usual destinations, it is interesting to also pay attention to the markets that do not make up the lot of the main applicants, especially because they show increasing behavior in their global purchases, in this aspect it can be emphasized:

  • Poland: It is a country that represents 2.1% of world imports, but it has also had a continuous and constant increase in its acquisitions in the last five years, that is to say that from 2015 to 2019 its purchases rose by 6.6%.
  • Singapore: It currently symbolizes 1.2% of global purchases accumulated in the last five years, in addition it also exhibits progression trends that translate into an increase of 4.1% between 2016 and 2019.

In general terms, exporters in the cleaning industry sector should know that global trends indicate that commercial cleaning will be the segment with the greatest promise, especially due to the direct relationship with the health sector that constantly requires disinfection , as well as large companies that demand a safe and disinfected environment for their workers. In the same way, and given the global crisis, self-employment is expected to increase in the coming years, especially the residential cleaning business.

For these reasons, our recommendations for exporters in the sector are: 

1. Foreign markets selection: Emphasize on international markets with capacity for continuous demand and growth, as shown by the markets of the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Poland, Russia and Canada.

2. Target segment determination: Knowing that they are demanding and highly competitive markets, it is suggested to accurately determine the target segment to attack, be it commercial, residential or industrial cleaning.

3. Adjusted market Exportable offer: Have an ecofriendly alternative within the exportable offer, in this sense it is necessary to bear in mind the new tendencies for environmentally friendly products, especially taking as a reference the attitudes and behaviors of consumers of These suggested markets, who prefer the use of organic products in every way.

4. Logistics solutions: Offer shipping and delivery solutions, that is, be willing to sell in DDP condition as it is highly valued by the sector. 

5. Payment terms: Offer payment terms and alternatives, financing in commercial operations, and have the possibility of receiving payments online. 

6. Cross-border E-Commerce: Having the possibility of placing orders online, it is worth noting that this has been maximized in the update, especially because it allows buyers to take advantage of discounts, evaluate product alternatives and assess fast shipping.

RGX has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the International Sanitary Supply Association (www.issa.com) that brings together more than 18,000 companies in the sector worldwide, which allows us preferential access to importers and distributors in the sector, which we connect with potential exporters that supply them, in the 53 countries in which we have coverage. 

If your business operates in this industry, simply email us at: customerservice@rgxonline.com and a consultant will contact you within 48 hours.

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