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We are pleased to learn that one of our clients in Argentina has had positive results from its round of business meetings scheduled by RGX in Chile.

Abaco, an Argentine firm engaged in wristwatch production and marketing, approached RGX with the goal of positioning the brand in the Chilean market.

Before Abaco representatives traveled to Chile, they received RGX expert guidance. In particular, RGX specialists focused on topics regarding the presentation of an export brochure that would attract potential interested parties, including a detailed description of the proposed franchise model they wished to internationalize, particularly highlighting:

  • Key issues in Chile as the company’s franchise target marketplace
  • Target franchisee profile
  • Shipping and logistics solutions, warranty and replacement policies
  • Flexible payment terms for importers
  • Support, after-sales services and initial assistance for the franchisee
  • Tariff headings of exportable products
  • Aspects regarding containers and packaging for exporting, such as preparation and stowage of wristwatches in each shipment.

Based on these considerations, RGX initially identified potential importers-franchisees in the Chilean market. Along the meeting scheduling process, we noted that the market presented opportunities for the entry of new products, although the sector was not used to working on the basis of franchise agreements. However, with 5 meetings arranged by RGX, the exporter traveled to the marketplace and was able to sell the franchise, achieving its original goal.

We thank Abaco for trusting RGX team and wish the company roaring success in the Chilean market.

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