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RGX obtains a high rating as a service provider from the Bogota Chamber of Commerce

The Bogota Chamber of Commerce annually conducts the evaluation process of its suppliers regarding the contracts it has signed with the Entity and that are in force or that were in force within the immediately preceding calendar year.

 The evaluation process is carried out by the contract supervisor, who analyzes compliance with the following criteria:

• Opportunity in the delivery of documents.

• Conformity of the good or service contracted.

• Opportunity to deliver goods or services.

• Timeliness in reporting.

• Timeliness in billing delivery.

• Compliance with guarantees.

RGX has provided, in 2018 and 2019, the service of international promoter of the Chamber’s Internationalization area, carrying out Business Plans and Business Agendas for exporting companies from Bogotá, in the USA, Europe and Latin America Markets, of the manufacturing sectors industrial, services and clothing.

The rating obtained was 86 points out of a possible total of 100. We thank the Bogota Chamber of Commerce for the rating granted, which reinforces our commitment to offer specialized services for business agendas and commercial plans in 54 markets.

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