RGX Marketing - Strategy for lead generation and loyalty of SME companies

We work with more than 188,000 SME companies in more than 50 countries in which we have a presence and we assist more than 700 chambers of commerce and associations, which allows us to develop alliances and loyalty strategies and lead generation for our clients.

Recent work done


We developed the Business Monitor Export Index Latinamerica covering 12 countries in the region and selected the most relevant chambers and associations in each country to present the Business Monitor through face-to-face seminars to SMBs and the local media.


Through a competitiveness measurement developed by RGX according to the needs of our client, we select the most competitive SMEs and identify more than 1,000 potential clients for the client in 8 countries.


We developed a study on digital promotion in SMEs and then created, based on their concerns, Success stories videos of Google’s advertising tools in the SMEs and Export SMEs segment. The videos made were published on the websites of the chambers of commerce and associations linked to the most important exporting SMEs in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico, as well as in the face-to-face events developed by these entities due to the alliances that RGX has with this entities.

Selected RGX MARKETING clients

Cross Border Trade Experts

RGX is the link between companies, governments and leading entities that makes cross-border business grow

RGX Expertise

Let us help you with the creation, development, and implementation of projects aimed at the SMB sector.


Chambers of Commerce and Trade Promotion

We work with public agencies and private institutions to design and implement projects that promote and enhance, SMB driven, international trade.


Big companies & Multinationals

We develop custom projects tailored to each Multinational´s value proposition, based on SMBs, to attract, retain or increase client loyalty.


Small and Medium Businesses

We help cross-border companies in their international growth by facilitating the expansion of their businesses.

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