Knowledge and Lead generation partner in SMB segment

RGX works with more than 188,000 cross-border SME companies in the 53 countries in which we have presence. We also collaborate with 700 chambers of commerce, associations and government entities that group this segment.

Since 2003, with coverage in 53 countries, alliances with more than 700 chambers of commerce and contact with more than 188,000 cross-border SMEs, we have developed customized projects for Large or Multinational companies that want to grow or position their business in the SME segment.

The services we offer are:

• Market studies for internal use or for brand positioning.
• Strategies for database generation and demand generation (events, social networks, content and others).
• Development of relationships with chambers of commerce and business associations that allow SMEs to be reached.
• Videos of success stories.
• Development of portals, content and services for SMEs.


United Parcel Services

Cisco System


DELL Computing

Delta Airlines

Visa Inc


American Airlines

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