We collaborate with chambers of exporters and export promotion agencies, identifying highly competitive companies and accelerating their international expansion through the identification of new opportunity exports markets, and the business meetings with international buyers

Sector Exports Acceleration program


Measure the export competitiveness of the sector, Identify new export potential markets and accelerate the exports of the most competitiveness companies of the sector.


Companies must complete an online questionnaire, specially designed by RGX to know the competitiveness of each company https://forms.gle/jwb8dVKstWsMypdK8
and send to RGX their “Export Brochure”.(Presentation used by the company to make its company known to potential international clients).
With these tools RGX analyzes the export competitiveness of the company.
If the company does NOT have the necessary export competitiveness, it will receive a Competitiveness Repot and an Improvement Plan to work on it. Our work finish with this companies.

Companies that are competitiveness to export globally (Companies RGX Calls Gazelles) receive a report to improve their competitiveness while advancing with the Market Selection methodology.

Competitiveness analysis criteria

A) Antiquity of the company and exporting seniority

B) Human resources for export activity

C) Share of exports over total sales and evolution of exports

D) Export markets

E) Quality certification

F) Buyer support

G) After sales service

H) Marketing and international online sales

I) Logistics offered to international buyers

J) Logistics offered to international buyers

Criterios de análisis de competitividad


The companies that doesn´t have more than 60 points receive an Export Report and an Improvement Plan.
Companies that have sufficient competitiveness receive a Competitiveness Report that will contain improvements in the short, medium and long term, schedule and next steps to continue with the program.


Selection of the 3 new export markets where the “Gazelle” company is most competitive to do business.


Choice of the 3 export markets where the “Gazelle” company has greater competitiveness according to 14 weighted criteria related to foreign trade, economic aspects and related to the operating sector of each company.

This methodology is based on 14 weighted criteria

A) FTA (Free Trade Agreement).

B) Participation of the preselected destination in world imports.

C) Trend of the preselected destination in world imports.

D) «Volume coincidence» (size of economies).

E) Trend of the trade balance between countries.

F) Geographic proximity.

G) Cultural proximity

H) ) Impact of COVID-19.

I) Degree of opening of commercial borders with respect to COVID-19.

J) Logistics performance index.

K) International freight costs from origin to destination.

M) Efficiency of customs clearance

N) Import tariff of the HS code under study.

O) Others inherent to the sector / industry


Each “Gazelle” company receives a report with the selection of 3 new export markets (in which they are not exporting yet) to be addressed and the explanation of why they have been selected.


Identify importers, distributors or other profiles of potential customers in the 3 markets that will be selected in the previous step for each “gazelle” company.


-Lists are made by no. 6-digit tariff position of the Harmonized System (HS code), provided by the interested party along with an export brochure or web references of the product of interest.

-The List will report, on average, a minimum of 20 (twenty) VALIDATED importing / distributing companies (existing and active) in the requested markets.


The list of potential clients contains the name of the company, country and website so that the exporter can validate the interest of having a meeting.


Generate meetings with potential international buyers interested in the “Gazelle” company’s products.


-Coordination of between 5 (five) and 8 (eight) confirmed virtual appointments with potential buyers, distributors and / or partners (previously validated by the exporter) interested in the products that the company sells, in the market (s) defined objective (s). 

-Appointments will be made through different platforms (Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, others), the one selected by the buyer. Five days before the dates of the first meeting, an agenda is delivered with the scheduled meetings, but before this, RGX agrees with the “Gazelles” company the week in which the meetings will be held so that it can have an agenda available.


Business Agenda with between 5 (five) and 8 (eight) appointments with confirmed international buyers interested in the company’s products.

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August 25, 2022
RGX has been selected by the export promotion agency Caribbean Export to develop an Export Acceleration Program for Caribbean service companies.