Recruiting buyers for b2b events

Export consultancy services for trade associations

Recruiting buyers for b2b events

Through our constantly updated databases, our expertise focuses on providing validated buyer lists, and inviting importers to participate in b2b events. In pandemic times, we are collaborating with virtual events, with fairs or virtual business round. The industries with the most experience are food and beverages, home textiles, health care, building materials and specialized services, always with characteristics of sustainability.

The scope of service has the following characteristics:

  • Contracting can apply our Market Selectivity Methodology, to identify those in which it is more convenient to identify and invite buyers.


  • Online preview of the exportable offer of the sector or industry, is suggested in COVID 19 times. The importers prefer a preview of value proposal their potential counterparts. We are suggesting using online b2b platforms for conducting business appointments between exporters and importers.


  • Entity can contract a minimum number of importers to recruit, or make an individual business meetings agenda, with exclusive appointments with buyers of each exporter.

Latest work done


Business Agendas in Europe. Canada and the United States for Colombian exporting companies.
Sectors: Manufacturing, Fashion and Clothing, Services, Food


Recruiting and management with importers from Europe, USA and Mexico, for participation in business round of the “Destination Africa” event. Sector: Home Apparel, Textiles, Textile decoration.


Validated lists of importers and distributors for Salvadoran exporting companies.
Sectors: Food, Containers and packaging, Services.

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